HKPO Veterans Academy Alumni Community of Practice

Welcome to the HKPO VA Alumni Community of Practice. The academy has developed this program to bring together current students and past alumni together. The community is a forum to share foundational content, industry best practices, insights, and ideas, and afford alumni the ability to keep in touch with one another. This community can provide access to tools and resources to continue succeeding upon graduation while serving as a virtual community of practice.

Success Stories

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Current Students

We proudly welcome our current students in our HKPO SkillsBridge Program.

Nutsinee Beach
US Marine Corps

Digna Menjivar
US Navy

Kevin Feltner
Air National Guard

Frank Carrillo
US Marine Corps

Carlton Carpenter
US Air Force

Katherine Hogg
US Coast Guard

Justin Cosson

US Air Force

Nate Dickson

US Marine Corps

Eric Garrison

US Air Force

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